Plant Water Wise Flowers for Spring!


Spring is the perfect time to replace your old, tired lawn with a beautiful, new water-wise garden, allowing your drought-tolerant plants time to become acclimated before warmer weather arrives.  Log on to to view garden tours and to figure out what native plants will work best in your landscape, CLICK HERE.


Read about the City of Ventura’s Mayor’s Challenge in Ventura County Star


Read about the Mayor’s Challenge and in Ventura County Star!  Ventura ranks #1 this week in cities with populations 100,000-299,999.   Let’s keep our position.  Get all your friends and neighbors to make the pledge at

SIGN UP TO SAVE WATER and WIN PRIZES!  Also visit the City of Ventura’s web page to learn more and get great water wise tips, CLICK HERE.


City of Ventura Ranked #1 in the Mayor’s Challenge, Continue to Pledge Ventura to Keep Our Standing

NumberoneWay to go Ventura! We’re ranked #1 in the Mayor’s Challenge for cities population: 100,000-299,999!  Continue to PLEDGE to SAVE WATER and WIN PRIZES throughout April 30, 2015!  Let’s keep our #1 RANKING!!!  To find out more, WATCH THE VIDEO with Mayor Cheryl Heitmann@ and visit the City website @

Make the Pledge to SAVE OUR WATER & WIN PRIZES @

Ventura Mayor Cheryl Heitmann is asking all City of Ventura residents to take the PLEDGE to SAVE WATER and WIN PRIZES at

For more information about the contest, and to get some great tips on how you can SAVE OUR WATER, visit the City website @

Let’s Go VENTURA! Help Ventura’s Ranking — Make Your Pledge to SAVE WATER and WIN PRIZES


Way to GO VENTURA!!  Last week we ranked 104 in the Mayor’s Challenge. This week 24!!! Let’s be NUMBER ONE. Every resident can help. Make your Pledge to SAVE WATER and WIN PRIZES TODAY. Here’s how:

Local Water Conservation Efforts Improved in February 2015, Please Keep Up the Efforts!


The conservation efforts of Ventura Water customers moved closer this February to our 20 percent reduction goal, with new figures showing that water use was down 13.44 percent in February 2015 compared to February 2013.

As you know, the city of Ventura is in a Stage 3 Water Emergency requiring customers to reduce water use by 20 percent. While water use levels have fallen since then, we all need to work toward reducing water use even more.

A good measure of how our customers are doing is to compare this year’s water usage levels to date to those in 2013, before water conservation measures were requested and later, required. (The Ventura City Council first called for voluntary conservation in February 2014.) Comparing January 2015 to January 2013, water use declined by only 4.22 percent.

The February numbers are encouraging, so we are asking you to take it up a notch and help us hit that 20 percent mark! Let’s all make water conservation a lifelong, year-round habit (a lifestyle).

The drought is still in full force, despite some rain this winter. Ventura Water has instituted several mandatory water conservation measures for our customers. They include: sprinkler irrigation systems may run only two days per week between the hours of 6 p.m. to 9 a.m.; handheld hoses used to wash cars must have a shutoff nozzle; fountains must use recycled water; and hosing down hard surfaces like driveways or sidewalks is not allowed. (Using a broom to sweep is a reasonable alternative.)

What else can you do this month to cut use?

  • Minimize outside irrigation even further or turn off your sprinklers. It’s cool outside!
  • Take shorter showers
  • Fix water leaks
  • Install low-flow showerheads now!
  • Spring is the perfect time to replace your old, tired lawn with a beautiful, new water-wise garden, allowing your drought-tolerant plants time to become acclimated before warmer weather arrives.

Ventura Water offers free water conservation aids and on-site residential water surveys to help our customers save water. Learn more by clicking here. Please contact Customer Care at or call (805) 667-6500 to schedule a water survey.Vwater

From Ventura Water’s March 2015 Pipeline