Ventura County Star: Keep Conserving Water Ventura; We Haven’t Cut 20% Yet

By Suzanne McCombs, Ventura County Star

On June 8, the Ventura City Council will consider changes to our water rates that would apply during a water shortage emergency. The new th-1 proposed rates prioritize conservation and aim for full revenue loss recovery when water consumption declines due to mandated conservation.

The Water Shortage Task Force felt it was important to recognize the existing conservation efforts made by many residents and recommended a rate structure that protects users in the lowest use tier from increases in rates.

If the rates are approved by the City Council, water bills for Ventura Water customers who do not conserve will increase. None of us want rates to increase, but the prolonged and deepening drought is a reality for now. We all have to do our part to be responsible stewards of our natural resources and make efforts to sustain the quality of life we cherish in Ventura.



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