Ventura Water’s NEW NO-DES System to SAVE Water

Sustainable Ventura News filming yesterday in Ventura with the NEW NO-DES (Neutral Output-Discharge Elimination System) Truck! Photos Clockwise from top Left to Right:  Craig Jones (Ventura Water’s Management Analyst II), Joe McDermott (Ventura Water Acting General Manager) and Jake with Ventura Water.

Water main flushing is a necessary part of operating and maintaining a drinking water distribution system to ensure high quality drinking water.  The traditional method of flushing involves opening up fire hydrants and letting the water flow out to scour and remove buildup in pipes that may degrade water quality over time.  As water flows under pressure at high velocities through the pipes, deposits of fine sediment are dislodged. The resulting deposits exit the distribution system through open fire hydrants usually running down streets into storm drains. This NO-DES system utilizes a trailer mounted pumping, filtering, and re-chlorinating system which circulates the water within the distribution system to prevent waste.  Find out more at