Aries facial features


The ears are also quite sensitive. Aries tends to enjoy very robust health, but she does often suffer form fevers, skin rashes and insect bites. Now that you have a greater understanding of aries’ physical characteristics, put them to good use and make your ram feel special. You’ll be well rewarded for your efforts.


Aries erogenous zones

Aries facial features. Traveling a bit further down the face you’ll find that aries’ nose is typically distinctive and even occasionally large or prominent on the face. The hair on the head is usually quite thick, and many aries men tend to keep all or most their hair well into advanced age. In fact, aries has very sensitive skin, so she should be very careful to avoid harsh chemicals while keeping a close eye on allergic reactions to both food and products. If you ask the native, the odds are extremely good that the nose has actually been broken a time or two. Running your fingers through aries’ hair or even providing an impromptu scalp massage will send aries into a state of euphoria and a fit of ecstasy. On a much lighter note, the physical characteristics of aries can also help guide you to the sign’s erogenous zones.



The physical characteristics of aries

Aries natives don’t just love the color red and wear it often, their faces also tends to flush. You’ve probably already noticed that this sign suffers from an inordinate amount of close health calls.

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