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Is this me? sometimes. Honestly, at different points in my monthly cycle, my sexual mood shifts. Did that leave a sour taste in your mouth? now you know how she feels. The point is, disrespect them and you won’t get to come near them. On topic- i find myself aroused at the moment, and i can’t stand up in the office.

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Blog boob fondling. He’s a more charismatic hillary, nothing more, nothing less. It is incredibly disconcerting for a woman to be kissing a man and look down to see he’s suddenly got his pants around his ankles and an erect penis blinking up at her. Looking at cleavage is like looking at the sun. My generation had riot grrrls as a feminist ideal. I’m sensing a trend of greatness.

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Depression can often be treated with therapy, and sometimes medications. How is it possible we’re watching this at the same time.

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