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There are many examples where education and practice are focused on process and memorization. I’m happy if someone actually speaks in english and not hindi/filipino/vietnamese/malay/thai/korean. Your current browser isn’t compatible with soundcloud. Eventually i got so fed up with him i started mimicking his accent after we lost saying all the hurtful things he said to us but with all the contradictory logic the threw at us, such as my gold elims for half the game as zen while he played soldier the whole game and then switched to genji to deal with a winston. This single thing has helped so much in my ladder climb.

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Cant speak a lick of english. This is similar to the way the ability to do math is seen in the united states. That part isn’t even about toxicity, bu simply about allowing eu players from different countries to communicate in-game without having to all be speaking/writing in english. Add the fact we have higher pitched voices and of course we stand out. They want to get a rise out of you, or just don’t care. So it is hard. Don’t give a shit whether its bad english or not.

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A big part of communication is in body language

So he was insulting people. Heck, there are a lot of people who cannot even speak their native tongue proficiently, and do not care. I also disagree with anyone saying that japanese people studying abroad have difficulties communicating.