Beginning April 1-30, PLEDGE To SAVE Water & WIN PRIZES. Keep Ventura #1!

City of Ventura Mayor Erik Nasarenko invites all City of Ventura residents to make their “pledge” to enter the 2017 Mayor’s Challenge to win prizes and to help make the City of Ventura the MOST WATER WISE City in the United States. Pledge to conserve water and energy April 1-30, 2017! It’s as easy as 1-2-3. In 2016, the City of Ventura Placed #1 and we want to hold that position. PLEDGE at WATCH this VIDEO & visit:

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Ventura Places #1 in 2016 Mayor’s Challenge

Congratulations Ventura for placing #1 in the 2016 Mayor’s Challenge for cities with populations from 100,00-299,999!  Yesterday, a special award presentation was held on the steps of City Hall.  View the slideshow!  For more information about the Mayor’s Challenge, visit:



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Shana Epstein, General Manager, 805-652-4518
Ventura Wins the 5th National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation!
     The city of Ventura and its residents have been nationally recognized for pledging to conserve water and cut pollution.
     Ventura placed first in the fifth annual Wyland National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation, which ran from April 1-30. The contest asked residents to pledge online to conserve water, and Ventura had the highest percentage of pledges for cities with populations between 100,000 and 299,999. Athens-Clarke County, Georgia, placed second in Ventura’s population category.
     Wyland spokesman Steve Creech presented Ventura Mayor Eric Nasarenko with the first-place plaque during a noontime ceremony on the steps of Ventura City Hall on Thursday May 19.
     “I don’t usually like to brag, but ‘Way to go, Ventura!’” Nasarenko told an enthusiastic audience that included City Councilman Jim Monahan, Fire Chief David Endaya and many city employees.
     Nasarenko congratulated the Ventura residents who pledged at, saying their efforts will save over 26 million gallons of water.
     Venturans also pledged to reduce their use of single-use plastic bottles by 48,931, eliminate 1,172 pounds of hazardous waste from entering watersheds, and cut the amount of waste sent to landfills by 562,475 pounds.
     Overall, 4,100 cities across the U.S. participated, with residents making pledges to reduce their water use at home, around the yard, and in their lives. Residents nationwide pledged to reduce their cumulative water consumption by over 1.9 billion gallons – an amount totaling the equivalent of 2,877 Olympic-sized pools!
     Other winning cities were: Laguna Beach (5,000-29,999 residents); Andover, Minn. (30,000-99,999); Aurora, Colo. (300,000-599,999) and Boston (600,000-plus).
     Participating residents from the winning cities were entered into a contest to win a 2016 Toyota Prius, and Nasarenko had the honor of picking the winner from a spinning raffle basket. Nasarenko said he hoped a Ventura resident would win the Prius, which was parked outside of City Hall, but, alas, the winning ticket went to Jim Schoepflin of Aurora, Colo.
     The Wyland Foundation, a nonprofit founded by renowned marine life artist Wyland, has helped children and families around the nation to rediscover the importance of healthy oceans and waterways through public art programs, classroom science education and live events. The Mayor’s Challenge also is sponsored by Toyota, with support from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the National League of Cities, The Toro Company, Earth Friendly Products (ECOS), Conserva Irrigation and in Southern California by television stations CBS2/KCAL9.




The 5th Annual National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation has started. Do your part this Earth Month (April 1-30) by taking 1 minute to go to MYWATERPLEDGE.COM and make your pledge to conserve water and energy on behalf of your city. We’re giving away over $50,000 in prizes like a 2016 new Toyota Prius and a $1000 home improvement shopping spree!


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We’re giving away up to $100 cash, an Apple iPad mini and more eco-friendly prizes so make your pledge and start sharing today! The earlier you make your pledge and share, the more chances you have of winning.



Help Make Ventura the #1 Water Wise City: Pledge to SAVE WATER with The Mayor’s Challenge 2016!


Join the City of Ventura by visiting

Cities nationwide to compete to see who can be most “water wise”

With at least 36 states facing water shortages this year, mayors across the nation will be asking residents to make a commitment to conserve water and cut pollution by participating in a national contest aimedat drastically slashing water and energy use across the country- and in return, residents can win a new Toyota Prius Plug-in , water saving fixtures, and hundreds of other prizes.

In addition to helping the environment, the mayors earn bragging rights about winning the Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation, a non-profit competition, April 1-30, to see which leaders can best inspire their residents to make a series of informative, easy to use online pages to reduce water and energy usage.

“Whether its drought conditions in the West or the high costs of energy related to water use in the East, saving water has become one of the most talked about issues facing the nation today,” said Wyland, artist and president of the Wyland Foundation.  “This gives city leaders a way to supplement their awareness efforts in a friendly, spirited way.”

Presented nationally by the Wyland Foundation and Toyota, with support from the U.S. EPA’s Office of Water, National League of Cities, U.S. Forest Service, The Toro Company, Wondergrove Kids, Bytelaunch, and WaterSmart Software, mayors nationwide are encouraged to challenge their residents to conserve water, save energy, and reduce pollution on behalf of their city at throughout the month of April.

To participate, residents enter the name of their city at, and then make a series of online pledges to conserve water on behalf of their city.  Cities compete in the following population categories: (5,000 – 29,999 residents, 30,000 – 99,999 residents, 100,000 – 299,999 residents, 300,000-599,999 residents, and 600,000+ residents).  Cities with the highest percentage of residents who take the challenge in their population category are deemed the winner.  Residents from those cities are entered to win an array of environmentally positive prizes.



1.  Go to

2. CLICK ON the Home Page link and Pledge either with your Facebook Account or Email address

3. TYPE in the name of your city — Ventura, Ca & PLEDGE

Cities compete in the following population categories: (5,000 – 29,999 residents, 30,000 – 99,999 residents, 100,000 – 299,999 residents, 300,000-599,999 residents, and 600,000+ residents).  Cities with the highest percentage of residents who take the challenge in their population category are deemed the winner.  Residents from those cities are entered to win an array of environmentally positive prizes.

Make Your Water Pledge at

Visit  or for more information.

For more information, visit: