Cats who lick their fur off

Cat has licked all fur off his belly - any advice? |

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Dr sadek is the author of several chapters in the book feline internal medicine secrets. After all, her little pink tongue probably will be in contact with her hair every time you look her way. If the cat gets more passionate about licking and abrades the skin surface [with its rough tongue], infection can occur. A recent move, the addition or loss of another pet in the home, or even a change of schedule can cause anxiety in cats. Once your vet rules out a medical condition for your cat’s excessive licking, he may prescribe an anti-anxiety medication for her to reduce her stress and stop her compulsive licking. Constant licking in a cat can bring upon some unpleasant consequences, including significant loss of hair and even the emergence of skin wounds.

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Cats who lick their fur off. If fleas are not obvious right from the beginning, again, they should not be considered ruled out as a cause but further investigation will be needed. Over-grooming might also be due to the fact your cat is unhappy. If your cat’s licking seems excessive in frequency or duration, don’t ignore the problem. With itchy diseases, however, the licking is more widespread. In this way i made sure to get all the soap off. He is a smooth-haired moggy, and doesn’t need grooming. Over-grooming should be distinguished from genuine alopecia, which is partial or complete absence of hair from areas of the body where it would normally grow.


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If your cat is excessively grooming herself to the point of licking off her fur, there’s likely a medical or psychological reason for it. At present, there are numerous sophisticated flea products available and every veterinarian has a favorite.

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