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Can i be charged with child abuse in florida for spanking my child? | best criminal lawyer miami - criminal defendant

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I don’t think i could ever hit her with a belt. When rules are broken, there will be negative consequences, but there will be no hitting. In a ruling issued late wednesday, the state’s top court unanimously reversed an abuse case involving four children and their parents, all of whom are not identified. I feel that my mom had a great bearing on my life by doing that.

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Do you spank with a belt. In some states, the information on this website may be considered a lawyer referral service. Spanking is not evil and very helpful when done properly and calmly. This is where the physical abuse really comes from. It always left me wanted to run away and not see that parent for a whole long time. Likewise, not spanking your kid is not wrong or coddling. Com community is an advice-sharing network for parents and caregivers. We’re not operating in isolation here,” said hunt, who oversees cps.

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And we follow the law. As i grew up and looked back on the times i did spend with him, the resentment i had for him turned into hatred and i ended up cutting all ties with him; i flat out told him over the phone that i never wanted to see or speak to him ever again and that he was a complete failure. As an aside: in our quest to keep children safe from abuse, we have in some ways, gone overboard and taken away the parents’ right to discipline.