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This side-by-side canoodle creates incredible friction for him because your thighs are so close together. The unique angle of this sideways sex position creates sizzlingly different sensations. From there, he can lean over and rest his weight on his hands, bending your legs backwards towards your head. Crossing your legs makes for an incredibly tight fit. Under your hips to help get at a better angle for your bodies. The gyrating that comes with this pose will keep you on the edge of ecstasy and leave you 100% satisfied. The love triangle will totally redefine his idea of a three-way.

6 sex positions for smaller penises & more sensation in general, because it really is all about how you use itSide sex positions - side by side sex - cosmo


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Fuck leg up. Take the other leg and lift it up into the air, resting it on his chest or shoulder. Your current browser isn’t compatible with soundcloud. Click “go to site” to see the original site, or click “cancel” to close this dialog and go back to sex. This one is a real winner! Your bodies are angled nicely for him to. Being on his knees give him good control, so he can make the most out of each thrust. Your partner can hold it while thrusting, or if your heights work for this, you can rest your foot on their shoulder.


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The tfm lifestyle is a fast and reckless one. Have him enter you, then hold on to your hips as you lift your legs up to rest on his shoulders. Lie on your back, and have your partner kneel in front of you.

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