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Opponents to trump should have a calculated strategy on how best to get trump to respond. To believe that it’s ever been a feature of our election seasons. Based on the outcomes that the polls suggest are lurking in this week’s super tuesday contests and beyond, it would seem that for donald trump’s remaining primary opponents, the cause of defeating the reality-television tangelo is more or less lost. Oh my god he called her a vampire. That was kasky’s opening remark. Because, assuming democracy survives donald trump, 2020 will be a census year. It is about time.

Shut up and let marco rubio have his mockery of donald trump | huffpostTrump is president, asshole, so you can kiss your fuckin visa goodbye, scumbag


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Marco rubio asshole. We’re not going to attempt to give you every insane/crazy/amazing exchange from the town hall, which for some reason also featured nra spokes-shouty person dana loesch, who showed up late and was useless the entire time she was there. You can unsubscribe at any time. He instead got into the weeds about the problems with the so-called “assault weapons ban,” doing that deflection thing gun nuts do where they say actually that ban isn’t good because it doesn’t ban all the semi-automatic guns, therefore let’s not ban any of them, because that particular law is written badly. That includes mike pence. ) here’s the question you could’ve put to rubio (it’s the question i’ll put to him if get the chance): So, let’s talk about governor’s races, which are just as important as congress.


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There’s no need or excuse for introductions after you’re seated on an airplane. As likely happened in many classrooms around the nation, last week my daughter’s high school civics class watched the cnn-televised town hall in which parkland mass shooting survivors, parents and teachers confronted florida politicians about laws, and failures of law, that led to the murder of 17 people. Hannity has expressed admiration for trump rivals like.

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