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Still associated with gilbert, she would manage both he and the steiner brothers during this period. Eventually, hyatt and tatum left for the universal wrestling federation. Hyatt was the original diva before the word was even coined in our sport. At this time, eddie gilbert was the leader of “hot stuff international,” a group that included sting and rick steiner. Join matty deller and mike mears as they talk about wrestling mediacon, wos wrestling. She got into hot water with wcw head honcho eric bischoff whom she later sued for sexual harassment when a photo of her exposed nude breast became circulated.

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Missy hyatt bikini. “missy’s manor” segments were taped on march 21 and 22, and april 23, 1987. The book ended up being just 22 pages long, and contained only 4 words spelled correctly. Was a drawback. She became the manager of the sandman in his feud with raven, and had many catfights with sandman’s wife, lori. Dangerously (arm-wrestling match, clash of the champions xiv). Oh yeah, she also had sex with three of the monkees at once, breaking the record previously held by aretha franklin, who only managed to get it from two.

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Matthew roberts brings us another edition of woman of the week. By the way, don’t let that last title mislead you.

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