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Made specifically for your bikini line. To kick off my coconut oil experiment, i raided my pantry for some mostly unused jars of coconut oil (my mom had gotten swept up in the coconut oil craze, only to abandon it after a week, so i was gifted with a lot of coconut oil, which, lucky me!). Honestly, i think i might just be a coconut oil shaving cream convert. You have a few basic options for this: (it also claims it can help prevent ingrown hairs). Beautiful girl, i wish that he had dumped his load in her, rather than on her. When i shave with coconut oil i never have as much hair build up as i did with brand name shaving cream.

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Oil bikini hot hung. Here’s what she said. To get a closer shave using this technique, you can gently pull your skin taut before shaving. They do this by locking in moisture. Instead of luscious locks, however, i woke up to stringy, grease-filled hair because apparently you’re supposed to put the coconut oil on as a conditioner before you shampoo, because coconut oil is notoriously hard to get out of your hair. If the coconut oil is solid, it will melt as you rub it on your skin. First, i tried it on my face, which in retrospect, was probably not the best idea.

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Alternatively, you can soak a washcloth in warm water and lay it over your skin. Green also says to avoid anything that contains aha (alpha hydroxy acid), which is a common ingredient in anti-aging lotions.