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I know someone who is completely dependent on enemas and wont have a bowel movement for up to a month or more. I highly recommend it to everyone. It so very rarely happens. I am just a man who has spent a full year inhabiting a mental space where a poo bandit can live, trying to understand them from the inside out, from every angle, from mouth to arsehole.

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Open poop assholes. I was desperate for a remedy that would actually work and work quickly. After trying different things all day and getting really no where, i finally tried using the hot towel trick. So i found one, loaded it with warm, hot water, lubed w canola oil and emptied 4 syringes worth in me, which was maybe around half a cup of water. I have a stool stock on my rectum for almost 2 days and it is very uncomfortable.


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After that, whenever i “thought” i had to go, i would try, usually straining for half an hour or more. When i used to smoke i found the only thing that would ever get the smell off of my hands was shampoo.

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