Painful first penetration

What sex feels like for a woman for the first time, according to 8 women, because its not always painful


Finally, problems in the relationship can contribute to sex being painful. A simple remedy in this case may be the use of lubrication, which many don’t consider. I do this operation more than any other i do, but it’s a very ignored condition. If you can’t find one you can contact your local physiotherapy association. Avoid looking stressed for this.

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Painful first penetration. I only charge , $1,000 u s. Others may be recovering from past sexual abuse, or have been taught sex is bad or dirty, or have physical or psychological trauma resulting following any form of genital surgery. Reach out to your doctor or sex therapist for help, tips and tricks to get back that loving feeling and bring back pleasurable sex. So in my case, the first time was actually perfectly painless and bloodless :p. Once the dilator can be comfortably fully inserted, the next size up can be tried.


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Is it possible that a penis won’t fit all the way into my vagina?

If you hold up your thumb and index finger, and tighten the skin between them the split feels like this. It’s a barrier many women face.

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