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After middleton’s according sources there’s video market. She has also suffered her fair share of bad hair days which makes us a little thankful that nobody captures ours on cameras and documents them. That still begs the question about what is going on in the last frame? that look on her face cannot be explained by a sneeze! Speaking of his mother and stepfather, he talked of their happiness, and what he thinks of prince charles. Middleton is not a part of that tradition which had her labeled as a “commoner” for years while courting with prince william.

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Prince willliam caught peeing by paparazzi. And a fling before the old ball and chain ok , girl it hit or miss. Wendy henry, appointed to edit the sunday tabloid six months ago by the publisher, robert maxwell, had no comment on her dismissal. You can tell by the short hair that is was back when she was still wild paris so she could be up to anything. Oh no, why would any one do this to him? mean mean people. Rather than finding the nearest men’s room, he instead deemed the yellow mop bucket fit.

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It was taken when kate was a student at st. And was talked about on dl, but it didn’t become the huge international incident that the harry partying in vegas photos have become.

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