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Lusty, luscious interstellar visitor serena comes to earth to satisfy her deepest desires in this erotic tale. Alice has married the rich but boring martin. Two teenage girls in small-town sweden. Nudist films are often considered to be subgenres of the sex-exploitation genre as well. The story of how the novel “mrs. Famous undercover journalist emanuelle teams with her friend cora norman to uncover a white slave ring that traffics in women kidnapped from various locales around the world.


Anatomy of a love seen

Ranchy lesbian softcore films. The screenplay was written by dan greenburg, who wrote the original source novel, philly. Emmanuelle is the lead character in a series of french softcore erotic movies based on a character created by emmanuelle arsan in the novel emmanuelle (1959). The lesbian dance-hall owner schemes to steal the map. Please leave comment about the list. The main character, a lesbian dominatrix, just said that her hookup probably wouldn’t mind that she’s a “dom” because “she seemed mad chill. The film also features shari eubank (in a dual role) in one of her only two film roles ever and christy hartburg in her only film role ever.


Nymphomaniac vol i and ii

When they move to a small village martin starts flirting with clodagh, but she is more interested in his wife alice. In the storied history of “steamy” cinematic romance sex scenes, there’s forever been one rule: bring the nipples out. In the secrets, two brilliant young women discover their own voices in a repressive orthodox culture where females are forbidden to sing, let alone speak out.

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