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Wife spanks husband for breaking rules. He went to the kitchen to get a drink. Finally, he said they should go to bed and get some rest. The worlds tumbling from her, as if she were reciting a catechism. It hurt a lot. Husband dominated by sister-in-law.

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Submissive wife stories spank. He expected her to be naked and waiting for him in the corner when he got home tonight. Back in the cabin, eamon filled the bathtub, and coaxed sheila into the hot water. The spanks built a cumulative sting in her bottom of her womanly cheeks into a raging bonfire. Daphne had then tried to suggest that since corner. The project meeting was scheduled to wrap up around 6 pm and he should be home around 6:30 pm. Brian asked her to return to the corner. It’s all forgotten, my love”, sol told her.


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Corner, she had been soundly spanked. I am sure i don’t need to tell you more :-).

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