El Niño A No-Show? Keep Conserving!

KeepSavingWith California facing a fifth year of drought, our successful water conservation efforts need to continue! Ventura Water customers have excelled in conservation and we know you can keep it up!

Ventura remains in a Stage 3 Water Shortage Emergency, requiring customers to reduce water use by 20 percent. In addition, California water regulators voted earlier this year to extend Gov. Jerry Brown’s emergency conservation measures, through October 2016.

In January, Ventura Water customers conserved 16 percent. In February, our customers conserved 13 percent.

Many are drought fatigued and as much as we hate to sound like a broken record – or a dripping faucet – it bears repeating: Ventura, we must continue to conserve water even during winter and springtime when Ventura has had some rain and it’s cooler out.

Thank you in advance for your continued efforts to make water conservation a daily, year-round habit.

Have questions about your water bill?  Ventura Water offers free on-site water conservation surveys to commercial and residential water customers to equip them to be more water efficient.  Please contact Customer Care at myvtawater@cityofventura.net or call (805) 667-6500 to schedule a water conservation survey.

Use the Water Calculator tool to help schedule your irrigation timers more efficiently at www.venturacountygardening.com/calc/.  Learn more by clicking here.

From Ventura Water’s PIPELINE, March 2016