Celebrate the First Day of Summer!



1.  Plant a Ventura-Native Plant to celebrate!, Visit:  Ventura.WaterSavingPlants.com


2. Buy local – Ride a bike, carpool or walk to the great Certified Farmer’s Markets in Ventura, http://vccfarmersmarkets.com/


3.  Enjoy the natural beauty around you!  Take a hike, visit the Ventura Harbor, visit one of Ventura’s many amazing parks, shop and dine in downtown Ventura!  Visit Ventura


4.  Pack a eco-conscious picnic using recyclable utensils, dishes and napkins, fresh and local produce and reusable picnic basket.

5.  Volunteer Ventura!   Volunteer to take care of our environment.  Visit:  http://www.cityofventura.net/volunteer

Ventura Water’s Waterwise Tip: Use a quality broom or pressure wash broom to save water


If you own a home and you want to clean your driveway or concrete walkways of dirt and debris. Instead of using a hose to get the job done, buy a quality broom or pressure wash broom.  You’ll use less water!

Excerpted from GM Shana Epstein’s Column in the November 2012 issue of Pipeline.

Visit:  VenturaWater.net and VenturaWater.org