5 Simple Spring Green Cleaners


These 5 simple green cleaners are a safe, easy, eco-friendly and economical!

Glass cleaner: Mix 1/4 c. vinegar with 1 quart of water in a spray bottle.  Spray the mixture on glass and wipe clean with a reusable cloth.

Disinfectant:  Mix 2 tsp. borax, 4 T. vinegar, 3 c. hot water and 1/4 tsp. liquid castile soap.  Put in a spray bottle and wipe on a surface with a damp reusable cloth.

Countertop and tile cleaner:  Mix 2 parts vinegar and 1 part baking soda with 4 parts water.  Put in a spray bottle and use a reusable sponge to wipe down surface area.

Tile Floor cleaner:  Mix 4 c. of white distilled vinegar with approximately a gallon of hot water and a few drops of pure lemon oil (or other preferred scented oil) to the mix.

Toilet bowl cleaner:  Sprinkle a toilet brush with baking soda and scrub!  You can also wipe down the outside of the toilet with  straight vinegar.

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Landscape Watering Guide for April 2013

In Ventura County  the best time of day to water is between 5:00 pm and 9:00am.  Watering at this time takes advantage of low winds and less loss of water to evaporation.

Precise watering times vary depending upon your watering device, soil, slope and plants.  (Note:  with clay soils, running an irrigation system on a lawn for more than 5 minutes will usually result in runoff.

Note watering times from the March 2013 Ventura Water Newsletter, Pipeline:


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Ventura Water’s Waterwise Tip For the Day


Ventura Water’s waterwise tip:

As it starts to heat up for summer, for cold drinks keep a pitcher of water in the refrigerator instead of running the tap. This way, every drop goes down you and not the drain.


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Ventura Water’s Waterwise Tip: When it Rains, It Drains!

Stormwater Billboard

You can make a difference in curbing watershed pollution.   How?  Follow these 5 Waterwise Tips!

1.  Never dump debris (trash, oil, fertilizers, pesticides, etc.)  in a storm drain.  Just remember, water is the only thing that should be traveling down the drain.  Storm drains carry water directly (and untreated)  into the ocean and our waterways.

2.  Never throw cigarette butts on the ground or out the window.  If you see them on the ground, deposit them in a trash bin.

3. Cars have oils and greases that come off them when they are being washed.  So, when you wash your car, wash it on the grass.  Or better yet, take it to a commercial car wash.  Commercial car washes have special procedures for treating the water that comes off your car.

4. Always clean up after your pet. Doo the right thing!

5.  Don’t allow your grass and yard clippings to flow into the street or curb.  Either deposit them in the correct recycle bin and/compost yard and grass clippings.

Find out more about Stormwater and how you can make a difference! CLICK HERE.

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Ventura Water’s Waterwise Tip: Don’t Rinse!


When you’re doing your dishes in the kitchen, skip rinsing them in the sink!

By NOT rinsing and letting your dishwasher do the work, you can SAVE up to 20 GALLONS OF WATER each load. You’re also saving the time and energy it takes to HEAT the WATER to rinse the dishes.

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Ventura Water’s Waterwise Tip: 5 Easy ways to SAVE Water in the Kitchen



5 Easy Ways to SAVE Water in the Kitchen

•Wash your fruits and vegetables in a pan of water instead of running water from the tap.

•Collect the water you use for rinsing fruits and vegetables, then reuse it to water houseplants.

•Designate one glass for your drinking water each day or refill a water bottle.  This will cut down on the number of glasses to wash.

•Don’t use running water to thaw food.  Defrost food in the refrigerator for water efficiency and food safety.

•Soak pots and pans instead of letting the water run while you scrape them clean.

When you save water, you save money on your utility bills too!


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Ventura Water’s Waterwise Tip: Save WATER and MONEY in the bath!


  • If you cut your shower time by two minutes and install a low flow showerhead, you’ll use only 2 1/2 gallons of water per minute.  This can save 15 gallons per shower!
  • Turn off your faucet while brushing your teeth can save you 6 gallons of water.  (A bathroom faucet uses 6 gallons per minute).  So wet your brush, turn off the water, brush, then turn on the water to rinse.
  • When shaving, partially fill the sink with water to clean the blade.  This saves 6-12 gallons of water per shave!
  • If you desire a bath.  Fill the tub half full.  A full bath tub uses 36 gallons of water.  This saves 18 gallons of water per bath!
  • Fix faucet leaks.  A steady dripping water leak can waste 15-20 gallons of water PER DAY! 

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Ventura Water’s Waterwise Tip: 5 Easy Ways to Save Water & Make the World A Happier Place


•When you have ice left in your cup from restaurant take-out, don’t throw it in the trash.  Pour it on a plant!

•Consider turning a high-maintenance water feature/fountain into a low-maintenance art feature or planter.

•Wash your car as needed rather than on a regular schedule.

•When you upgrade appliances, always purchase energy-efficient and energy saving models.  Look for the WaterSense® and EnergyStar labels!

•Feature water-saving articles & ideas (like this one!)  on your company website, newsletter or blog!

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Ventura Water’s Waterwise Tip: 5 Ways to Save Water in the New Year!


The beginning of a new year always marks the start of making New Year’s resolutions!  So why not include “saving water” in your “to do” list!

Here are 5 great tips that are simple, easy resolutions!

•Buy recycled paper products.

Products made with 100% recycled paper require less water in the manufacturing process.  Recycled products also reduce waste going into our already overcrowded landfills.

•Carry a water bottle everywhere you go.

Avoid buying bottled water when you can bring delicious tasting tap water with you in a BPA-Free, recyclable container .  You’ll save money, your health (drinking water is healthier than drinking soda!)  and you’ll save on the environment.

•Eat at least one vegetarian meal a week.

Grains, fruits, and vegetables are among the healthiest foods you can eat and that’s why experts say that going vegetarian (having a meatless meal) once a week is not only healthy, it can also save on the environment.  Going meatless for one meal saves on the natural resources (water)  it requires to maintain livestock.

•Install water aerators in your home.

Install water aerators in your kitchen and bathroom sinks. Using less water saves money and our natural resources!

•Water your garden and yard early in the morning.

Water will reach its target (the roots) when watered early in the morning.  If you water mid-day, the water intended for your lawn and garden will wind up going into the atmosphere vs. the water’s intended target.

Have a Happy Sustainable New Year!

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Ventura Water’s Waterwise Tip: Two Easy Ways to Save Water & $$$


Two Easy Ways to Save Water & $$$

•Order tap water when you go out to eat!  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you can save $$$ by ordering tap water instead of bottled water and/or other types of beverages.  A family of four can save about $800 a year!

•The Department of Energy says that heating domestic hot water (for bathing, washing dishes, etc.) accounts for 15% of home heating costs.  So, go for low-flow  and energy-saving alternatives — low-flow faucets, toilets and energy-saving appliances for inside your home and smart irrigation technology for your outside landscape!

The money you save today can be put towards other things you may wish to purchase tomorrow!

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