A Ventura Local shares his experience with the Water Wise 2.0 Program



Jim Ackerman, a Ventura local, talks about changing out his traditional lawn for a more water wise landscape with Ventura Water’s WaterWise 2.0 Program!

Jim’s lawn BEFORE: jimbefore

Jim’s lawn AFTER:


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For more information on changing out YOUR LAWN, visit:  VenturaWater.net (and click on the Water Wise Program icon!)

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Make an appointment with a Ventura Water Conservation Specialist to visit your home. The consult is FREE and you’ll learn how to locateand read your water meter, understand your water bill, assess your water usage and find ways to save & more, visit: cityofventura.net/water/waterconservationsurvey

Residential Recycled Mobile Reuse Program: High Quality Recycled Water Now Available to Residents


Read about the City’s NEW program offering Ventura residents a high quality alternative source of water to offset your potable demand for outdoor irrigation. Find out more: http://bit.ly/28PGkvC


Register Now for FREE Water Wise Gardening Classes for 2016

Ventura’s Water Wise Garden Series of classes kicks off next month for another successful year. Sign-up now for FREE Saturday morning Water Wise classes through November. All classes are held on Saturdays from 10-11:30 a.m. These classes are practical and waterwise-logooffer hands-on fun. They educate residents about efficient ways to use water in your landscape, ways to use beautiful native plants and how to protect our local water quality. Help Ventura become the most water-efficient community in California by learning more about these drought-busting topics:

March 26: Permaculture Design ~ Permaculture is a philosophy of working with nature rather than against it.  Join local permaculturist Eric Werbalowsky to learn how to include permaculture design elements in your garden. This class will be held at the Avenue Adult Center, 550 No. Ventura Ave.

April 30: Compost & Healthy Soils ~ Healthy soil and compost help to retain water and suppress weeds, and can even act as a carbon sink. There are more than a billion living critters in just one teaspoon of living, healthy soil. This class will be held at Cornucopia Gardens on Telegraph Road between Johnson Drive and Ramelli Avenue.

June 4: Designing & Maintaining Your Water Wise Garden ~ Are you overwhelmed with the idea of designing a water wise garden? Learn how to incorporate principles of design such as unity, line, form, texture, color, scale and balance. Join Cari Vega, a local landscape designer, for this class at the city’s Public Works Maintenance Yard, 336 Sanjon Road.

Sept 24: Water Wise Watering ~ Terrified of your timer? Dumbfounded with drip? Come learn from the experts from Ewing, Toro and Aquaflo to find out how to water efficiently. This class will be held at the Public Works Maintenance Yard, 336 Sanjon Road.

Oct 22: Ocean Friendly Gardens and Integrated Design ~ Ocean Friendly Gardens conserve water and habitat, increase permeability to slow water down, and retain water for reuse. Integrating greywater and rainwater harvesting can maximize your water supply on-site. Class location TBD.

Nov 19: California Natives, Mediterranean, Drought Tolerant? Right Plant: Right Place ~ There are only five places on Earth that host the biodiversity of Mediterranean climates, and Ventura is one of those locations. Learn about which plants thrive here and how to choose the right plant for the right place. The class location is TBD.

For more information, visit www.cityofventura.net/waterwise or call 652-4501.

From Ventura Water’s Pipeline, February 2016

Schedule a FREE Tour of VenturaWaterPure Demonstration Facility Through Spring 2016

Venturawatertour05_21556157_ver1.0_640_480Learn how advanced water purification technology is part of Ventura Water’s sustainable future by taking a free, in-depth tour of Ventura’s new VenturaWaterPure Potable Reuse Demonstration Facility through the spring of this year.

Tours are held every Saturday from 9-11 a.m. for up to 20 people per tour.

We will accommodate private groups interested in weekday tours with advanced notice. This tour offers a great opportunity for science teachers to bring students on a field trip, for club members to learn something new, and for environmental groups, non-profits, public works employees and others to learn about innovative potable reuse purification technologies.

Please sign up by visiting www.cityofventura.net/water/sustainable-water/tour-facility, or call (805) 677-4131.

VenturaWaterPure is a pilot project for the City of Ventura, which is investing in safe and sustainable ways to meet long-term water supply demands by expanding the use of recycled water. Ventura currently provides recycled water from the Ventura Water Reclamation Facility to two golf courses and landscape irrigation in the Ventura Harbor and Olivas Drive areas. Adding “potable reuse” purification technologies at the Ventura Water Reclamation Facility will extend Ventura’s use of local water sources – a proven, drought–resistant, locally developed and reliable way to be smart about water reuse.

From Ventura Water’s January 2016 Pipeline

Customer Water Use Exceeds Reduction Target in October


Read the LA Times article detailing our success

Congratulations to our customers for another successful month conserving water!

New figures show that customer water use last month was down 25.2 percent compared to October 2013, exceeding the city’s 20 percent conservation target for the sixth consecutive month this year. Water use in October was almost identical to our customers’ overall water use the previous month of September 2015. The positive numbers demonstrate again that Ventura Water customers are committed to meeting the challenges of conserving water and are making their new water-wise habits a lifestyle!

los-angeles-times_0In The Los Angeles Times
In fact, Ventura Water and our customers were complemented for our conservation successes in an article the Los Angeles Times published on Nov. 14 titled, “How did some of California’s biggest water savers cut even more? By getting creative.” The LA Times article discussed our successful efforts to boost water conservation by tackling the issue on a number of fronts, including our popular “Dirty Car” and “Hey Ventura, What’s Your Shower Song” campaigns, our use of social media and radio, our innovative Water: Take 1 short film contest, and by joining forces with supportive local businesses, among other efforts. (Read the LA Times article here.)

Remember: Ventura declared a Stage 3 Water Shortage Emergency requiring customers to reduce water use by 20 percent. (See the details here.)

Ventura Water offers free water conservation aids and on-site commercial and residential water surveys to help our customers save water. Use the New Water Calculator tool to help schedule your irrigation timers more efficiently. Learn more by clicking here. Please contact Customer Care at myvtawater@cityofventura.net or call (805) 667-6500 to schedule a water conservation survey.


From Ventura Water’s Pipeline, November 2015

FREE Water Wise Class Dec 5: Ask An Irrigation Professional with Ewing Irrigation


Reserve your seat today!  Classes fill up fast and you want to be sure you have your seat!

DATE:  Saturday, December 5, 2015

TIME:  10:00 am to 11:30 am

LOCATION:  City of Ventura’s Sanjon Maintenance Yard, 336 Sanjon Road, Ventura, CA  93001

CLASS:  Learn how to set your timer to meet CA State Mandates during the drought and still keep your landscape alive.  Learn what types of add-ons and devices you can use to help improve water efficiency and decrease overall need for potable irrigation water. 

Refreshments and Snacks Served!


Ventura’s Water Wise Incentive Program is Filling Up Fast – Sign Up Now!

waterwiseincentiveVentura Water is still accepting applications for the WaterWise rebate Incentive Program launched July 1. So far, 414 applicants have applied representing two-thirds of the program funds.

It’s not too late! Apply now! With the arrival of fall, now is the perfect time to replace your water-thirsty grass with a new water wise garden. Take advantage of this new program while funding is still available.

Ventura Water’s incentive plan focuses on more efficient irrigation devices and a turf removal and replacement incentive when property owners install a low-water alternative to water-thirsty grass. Rebates vary. Get all the details here or call (866) 983-9232.

Here’s how to apply:

  • Complete the application.
  • Read and Sign the Terms & Conditions.
    • Apply online at www.removeyourturf.com , or
    • You may pick up applications and Terms and Conditions at Ventura City Hall, 501 Poli St., Treasury Department Room #107 or Building and Safety Room #117, or at the City of Ventura Maintenance Yard Administration building, 336 Sanjon Road.
  • Include a copy of your most recent water bill. You may obtain this by visiting www.cityofventura.net/water/billview.
  • Make sure to submit an application for turf replacement and irrigation devices separately.
  • Send documents one of the following ways (if not online):

No state rebates for turf replacement: We regret to report that Ventura Water customers are NOT eligible to participate in the state of California’s 2015 Turf Replacement Program for the following reason, given to us by the state Department of Water Resources, “The City of Ventura does not qualify under the Terms and Conditions because it does offer a $2 rebate to a percentage of their customers.”

Ventura residents may qualify for the state’s toilet rebate program, however. Up to $100 will be rebated if you buy and install one qualified, high-efficiency toilet (1.28 gallons per flush or less) per household that replaces a less-efficient toilet using more than 1.6 gallons per flush. Call 844-642-7410 or click here for details about the toilet rebate program.

From Ventura Water’s September 2015 Pipeline