Have you signed up for Ventura Water’s Mobile Reuse Program?

Ventura Water’s Residential Recycled Water Mobile Reuse Program is the first of its kind in the county allowing for residents who go through a training session (and pay a $75 annual permit fee) to pick up 5 to 300 gallons of recycled water per visit, Find out more, Click Here!

Ventura Water’s NEW NO-DES System to SAVE Water

Sustainable Ventura News filming yesterday in Ventura with the NEW NO-DES (Neutral Output-Discharge Elimination System) Truck! Photos Clockwise from top Left to Right:  Craig Jones (Ventura Water’s Management Analyst II), Joe McDermott (Ventura Water Acting General Manager) and Jake with Ventura Water.

Water main flushing is a necessary part of operating and maintaining a drinking water distribution system to ensure high quality drinking water.  The traditional method of flushing involves opening up fire hydrants and letting the water flow out to scour and remove buildup in pipes that may degrade water quality over time.  As water flows under pressure at high velocities through the pipes, deposits of fine sediment are dislodged. The resulting deposits exit the distribution system through open fire hydrants usually running down streets into storm drains. This NO-DES system utilizes a trailer mounted pumping, filtering, and re-chlorinating system which circulates the water within the distribution system to prevent waste.  Find out more at VenturaWater.net

More “95 Ways to Save” Water PODCAST

95 Ways to Save

Environmental Specialist Haili Matsukawa shares more “95 Ways to Save” water this summer (and throughout the year!). This PureWaterRadio podcast is hosted by Maryann Ridini Spencer. For more information about Ventura Water’s programs, events, rebate and water news, visit:  VenturaWater.net.

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LISTEN to the PureWaterRadio PODCAST, click here!

Water Saving Tip: Group Plants with similar watering needs in the same area

Ventura Lawn

The Environmental Protection Agency indicates the average American household uses 320 gallons of water per day, about 30% of which is devoted to outdoor use.  As much as 50% of the water we use outdoors is wasted by inefficient watering methods and systems.

One great TIP to conserve water in your landscape is to group plants with similar watering needs in the same area.  To find out more about the plants pictured above, CLICK HERE to visit the Ventura Water Saving Plant Interactive Site.

Also REGISTER for the FREE Water Wise Gardening Class Series starting March 1, 2014.  Attend one free class or attend them all, CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.