Year 2 Water Rates Are Here


All customer bills received after July 1 will reflect the second year of rates for water and wastewater services as approved in May 2012. The City of Ventura and its residents own Ventura Water, and it is self-supporting from rates paid by our customers. Every dollar paid is invested locally to ensure that our community continues to have reliable, quality water services today and into the future. The rate increases are needed to keep pace with inflationary expenses, renew our aging pipelines and facilities, and growing regulatory and environmental compliance requirements.


The charges on the bills will be prorated based on the number of days after July 1 in an average 60-day billing cycle. The recalculated bi-monthly residential wastewater charge, which also starts July 1, is based on the average water use during two full cycles for bills received last February through May.

The Estuary Protection charge, established last year, is increasing for all wastewater customers. To watch a video and learn how you can become involved in the planning process, visit

Visit for more information. Ventura Water values our customers and we thank you for your support.

From Ventura Water’s Pipeline Newsletter, June 2013.