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News of California’s drought is everywhere. It’s a growing crisis that has us all rethinking how we use water. Since 40-60% of water is used outdoors, replacing your grass with a beautiful, native garden makes good sense. But, where do we begin? Have no fear, is here!

This easy-to-navigate, interactive website is specifically designed to assist residents of Ventura County with helpful information covering what to plant, when and where to plant, as well as how to best irrigate, care and maintain landscaped areas. The site offers beautiful garden tours and impressive landscape galleries to help users plan and select from a variety of trees, shrubs, plants, and ground cover which they can then “Add” to their own personal (“My List”) online garden list.

Below is an overview of what is found in each section at

Garden Tours

When users click on the “Garden Tour” tab located just underneath the navigation bar, a variety of beautiful gardens — from Ocean Friendly Gardens, to Ventura County Mediterranean Gardens, Coastal Japanese Gardens and other varieties — appear.

Click on a garden tour of your choice, and as you move your curser over the landscape’s boxed areas, the name of the plant or tree type will appear along with other vital information regarding the growth pattern, height and water requirements. Click on an individual box, and a larger image of the individual plant or tree will appear with additional gardening information.

At the top-right area of the page, you’ll also notice the words “Anatomy,” “Culture” and “Design.” Click on Anatomy, and you’ll find information on the plant type and plant flowering. Click on Culture and you’ll ascertain the growth patterns and the soil and sun exposure that is best. Click on Design and you’ll discover information on plant uses, the best locations to plant, and more.

When you click on the box “Add,” you will add this plant to “My List,” your personal list. You can add or remove plants at any time from your list.

To navigate back to the website’s home page, click on the “Main Menu” tab from any page on the site.

Garden Gallery

An impressive array of front yards, backyards, hillsides, walkways, entries, and patios can be found under the “Garden Gallery” tab.

In the same fashion as in the Garden Tours, click on a particular gallery, and you’ll be presented with a selection of tours. When you hover your curser over the white-boxed areas, information regarding individual plants— such as their name, growth pattern, water usage and sun exposure— will be available. Click on the image itself, and you’ll be able to access the Anatomy, Culture and Design buttons. You’ll also be able to add any of these plants to “My List.”


Under the “Plants” tab, galleries of gorgeous low maintenance trees, low maintenance shrubs, vines, ground covers, low water perennials, and ornamental grasses and clumping plants are visible.

Click on a particular gallery, and you’ll be given an A-Z selection of plant varieties in the category you have chosen. Click on any individual image, and you’ll be presented with access to the Anatomy, Culture and Design buttons for each plant. You’ll also be able to add any of these plants to “My List.”


The “Resources” tab offers helpful information on how to design and install a water wise garden as well as efficient irrigation methods and suggestions on how to easily and effectively maintain your landscape.

Under the Table of Contents section, click on “Introduction,” “Garden Tours” or any words in blue, and you’ll be taken to information on that particular section.

If you happen to get lost in the site, or you would just like to return to the site’s home page, just click on the “Home” tab on the top left hand corner of the page.

Watering Guide

Under the “Watering Guide” tab, information about watering, watering device types, common irrigation challenges, sample irrigation schedules, and general tips can be found.


How to Design Your New California Yard

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Earlier this year, California Governor Jerry Brown announced that we are facing a historic drought and called for a reduction in water usage. In Ventura, 100% of our water comes from local sources and with low rainfall, those supplies are running low. Ventura Water asked residents for a 10% reduction in usage.

This segment of Sustainable Ventura News talks to City of Ventura Environmental Specialist Jill Sarick who shares how to take out your lawn to put in the NEW California yard – an Ocean Friendly Garden.

Sustainable Ventura TV News is reported by Maryann Ridini Spencer and airs on Caps-TV VTV’s Channel 15, Thursdays at 8:30pm. It rebroadcasts Monday-Thursday and Saturdays at 9:00am, Sundays at 8:30pm and every other Wednesday at 8:30pm. Get Sustainable Ventura News online at

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